Sunday, October 25, 2009

Men are superior to Woman

Equality between men and women is a political view.
To prove this point:

1. In Sports men are superior to women.
In no sports event, women have better world record than men. Peak performance of men always beats that of women. For example, in the glamorous event of 100m sprint,Usain Bolt holds the world record with 9.58s.In woman's , Florence Griffith Joyner clocked 10.49s in 1988. In general, men's performance are 5-10% better in any sports event.

2. Women like Golda Meir,Margaret Thatcher,Indira Gandhi all ruled nations. But they were lead by ministries in which majority were men. Same is the case in industry.
Some Fortune500 companies(less than 20) have woman CEOs. In the director board of those companies, majority is men.

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